Engedi is partnering with Kids Hope USA and Waukazoo Elementary School to mentor students for one hour a week. One hour a week of your time and your love can change a child’s life forever. One Church. One School. One Child. One Hour.Last year, 26 mentors built one-on-one relationships with their student partners at Waukazoo, and another 26 prayer partners backed them up in prayer.

If you would like to become a mentor, a prayer partner or get involved behind the scenes by becoming part of the Kids Hope focus team, fill out the form below with any additional questions.

Kids Hope is a lot of fun, involves a small time commitment, and can have a tremendous impact on a child’s life!

Help with Kids Hope or other local opportunities

Local Serving Opportunities

Here are just some of the serving opportunities available to you or your CABLE group. Check all that your interested in. We'll contact you shortly.
  • Kids Hope

    Kids Hope offers adults at Engedi the opportunity to develop supportive, one-on-one relationships with at-risk students at Waukazoo Elementary School, and build into their lives on a weekly basis.
  • Wavecrest

    Wavecrest Career Academy is a unique public high school that provides career-focused learning opportunities for students in grades 9-12 who may not be experiencing success in the traditional school setting.
  • Gleaners

    Engedi hosts a food distribution every fourth Wednesday of the month where we distribute tons of food for individuals and families in the Holland area.
  • Heights of Hope

    Heights of Hope exists to empower the people of Holland Heights and beyond, to make social, physical, spiritual, and educational life change in partnership with local churches.
  • CultureWorks

    CultureWorks is a non-profit arts organization committed to offering quality arts experiences to students from all backgrounds in an inclusive, accessible, and encouraging environment.