Christ served us, so we serve others around the world—and right at our front door.

What it’s all about

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Interested in finding out more about local and global missions? Join us for What It’s All About. Learn more about the biblical context for mission, our missional strategy, values and partners, plus find out ways you can get involved.

Attending What It’s All About is the first step in the process for anyone who wants to go on a trip or serve on a missional life team.

This class opened my eyes to the needs of the people in my own community.

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So informative. I learned a lot about what biblical missions should be.

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The class really gave me a heart for the global community.

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Jesus frequently taught and expressed compassion for those who are often overlooked. Jesus knew that people who come to realize the depth of their own brokenness and the extent of God’s mercy become the kind of people who are broken-hearted for others. To experience the kingdom of God is to extend mercy to the forgotten from a heart that has been transformed by God’s mercy.



Mentoring America’s Future

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Feeding Our City

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Overcoming Homelessness For Good

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Inspiring Curiosity In Students

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Empowering Holland Heights

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Building Bridges Between Cultures

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Compassion Startups

We recognize there are many ways to extend compassion and advocate for justice in our city. Even with the opportunities Engedi offers, many are left unexplored.

This is where you can make a difference.

God has uniquely given you passion, skills, and talents and we think this is the best place to start! Compassion Start Ups are an opportunity to channel your passion and skill towards an unmet need in our city, or to develop your own idea that brings restoration to the people or places you care about. Maybe its addressing needs of migrant families, mentoring kids in the foster care system, or plugging into an existing program or ministry around our city. It’s our goal as the church to catalyze these compassion and justice initiatives by mobilizing leaders and teams through development, coaching, spiritual, and financial support.

The call that God has given you towards compassion and justice is important to the Kingdom revolution of Jesus, not only worldwide but also right here in our city.

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