Engedi has a made a commitment to advance the kingdom revolution of Jesus across the globe. It’s a commitment we mean to keep.

We believe God has called us to focus our energy and resources in four areas around the globe—Central Asia, Guatemala, Nepal and Zambia.  [pullquote_left]When we talk about advancing the kingdom revolution of Jesus worldwide, we mean worldwide.[/pullquote_left]While everyone on the planet has an undeniable need for the transformational love of Christ, these four areas are places where Engedi has the unique opportunity to help people hear about Jesus and experience His love in real, tangible ways.

We’re building homes for widows. We’re caring for orphans who lost their parents to AIDS.  We’re empowering young people with education and life skills. We’re providing counseling support. We’re sharing the gospel with those who have no knowledge of Jesus or the Bible. And we’re doing it all in the name of Christ.

Each focus area is led by a team of people here at Engedi working to support long-term workers on the ground, raise awareness of the issues, and further equip Engedi to respond to God’s call to make disciples of all nations. We regularly send people on trips to Central Asia, Guatemala, and Zambia where they can give support and love to our partners. Short-term teams gain a vision for missions, develop a deeper understanding of the context in which our partners are working, and contribute to various projects as needed. We send those who feel called to missions on mid-term internships to work with our global partners.  Engedi is also working to deploy individuals and families on a long-term basis.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible grow in their understanding of God’s mission and purpose and to deploy them as ambassadors of Christ worldwide.

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