Approximately 14 million people live in Zambia, a Sub-Saharan African country about the size of Texas.  Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall, can also be found in Zambia.  This country has a diverse culture represented in music, dance, food, crafts, and over 70 languages.

At the heart of the AIDS pandemic, Zambia is experiencing a complex set of circumstances that require action.  Over 1 million children have lost one or both of their parents, resulting in 66% of the population being under the age of 25 and 95% under the age of 55.  Additional complications, including extreme poverty and lack of access to clean water, compound the set of demanding issues facing Zambians.

Engedi partners in Zambia to alleviate suffering and injustice and spread the love of Christ.  We are working with local churches to develop communities through local enterprise, community health, sustainable living programs, education, and awareness.

Samaritan Hands

Samaritan Hands is a group of Zambians impacting their community and helping the poor and vulnerable, the widow and orphan, all in the name of Jesus. This group formed a few years ago under the leadership of Pastor Juden Siachitema as members of Dambwa North Pilgrim Wesleyan Church in Livingstone, Zambia realized its passion for its community.

Engedi has come alongside Samaritan Hands as they set up their income generating system and begin the process of becoming a self-sustained organization. Start-up capital funds provided by Engedi in 2014 supported:

  • the completion of one chicken house
  • the construction of a second chicken house
  • the purchase of 450 chickens
  • a water supply for the garden
  • furnishings for the group’s office
  • training for group members

Now that the chicken project and garden are running smoothly, Samaritan Hands will identify orphans and vulnerable children to support through these projects.

Noah Ministries and Global Orphan Relief

Noah Ministries started in 2006 and is led by Mike and Linda Jones, who’ve worked in Zambia for the past 20 years. Inspired by Noah’s ark, God directed the Jones to develop a ministry that would bring God’s freedom and rescue to all who would enter. Noah Ministries was born to build whatever it takes to bring salvation to those around them.

In addition to evangelizing, discipling, training lay pastors, and planting churches, Noah Ministries operates two homes for orphaned children in partnership with Global Orphan Relief (GO!). House of Faith is located in Mapampi, a village outside of Kalomo, and is home to 48 children. House of Hope opened in 2013 in Muntuamusiku village and is home to 10 kids. Sponsorship opportunities for children are available. Learn more on those opportunities available through GO!.

A few things you can do
• Pray – lift up the people of Zambia regularly in prayer
• Learn – find out more about the nation of Zambia through books, websites, and other resources
• Go – be part of a short-term trip to Zambia; consider how God may be calling you to go for a longer term
• Give – financially support short-term teams and initiatives, which strengthen the local church
• Join – get involved with the Global Volunteer Team to further support our partners and help educate and equip Engedi

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