When we talk about advancing the kingdom worldwide, we mean worldwide.

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Interested in finding out more about local and global missions? Join us for What It’s All About. Learn more about the biblical context for mission, our missional strategy, values and partners, plus find out ways you can get involved.

Attending What It’s All About is the first step in the process for anyone who wants to go on a trip or serve on a missional life team.

This class opened my eyes to the needs of the people in my own community.

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So informative. I learned a lot about what biblical missions should be.

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The class really gave me a heart for the global community.

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We believe God has called us to focus our energy and resources in four areas around the globe—Central Asia, Guatemala, Nepal and Zambia. While everyone on the planet has an undeniable need for the transformational love of Christ, these four areas are places where Engedi has the unique opportunity to help people hear about Jesus and experience His love in real, tangible ways.

Central Asia

We’re sharing the freedom that only comes through Jesus.

We’re in an area of Central Asia that’s marked by influences from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and the Balkans. The ancient and the future collide in this area. Its historical roots date back to New Testament days and mix with the current culture’s identity, beliefs, and practices.

In this area containing over 75 million people, there are about 4,000 Christian believers and counting. God’s on the move through long-term workers in the region as well as dreams and visions of Jesus.

Our partners

Antalya Evangelical Church

Antalya Evangelical Church, located in Turkey, proclaims the gospel and disciples believers. They’re establishing the Church in areas where no church exists. In 1992, this fellowship began as a house church. For ten years the church met in houses, picnic areas and other places because it didn’t have a suitable building to use.

In 1999, The International Church of Antalya built a building and named it St. Paul Cultural Center, to facilitate cultural activities and meetings. When the Turkish congregation first began meeting in the St. Paul Cultural Center, there were just twenty-two people. Today, there are over 150 people. The church continues to grow and is planting churches throughout the region.


Allieviate suffering. End injustice.

Zambia is currently experiencing a complex set of circumstances that require action. Over 1 million kids have lost one or both of their parents. 66% of the population is under the age of 25 and 95% under 55. Extreme poverty and lack of access to clean water compound the set of demanding issues facing Zambians.

Our partners

Samaritan Hands

Samaritan Hands is a group of Zambians changing their community in the name of Jesus. They formed under the leadership of Pastor Juden Siachitema as the members of Dambwa North Pilgrim Wesleyan Church developed a passion for the hurting.

Engedi has come alongside Samaritan Hands as they set up their income generating system and begin the process of becoming a self-sustained organization.

Noah Ministries and Global Orphan Relief

Inspired by Noah’s ark, God directed the Jones to develop a ministry that would bring God’s freedom and rescue to all who would enter. Noah Ministries was born to build whatever it takes to bring salvation to those around them.

In addition to evangelizing, disciplining, training lay pastors, and planting churches, Noah Ministries operates two homes for orphaned children in partnership with Global Orphan Relief. One in Mapampi, is home to 48 children. Another in Muntuamusiku village is home to 10 kids. Sponsorships for kids are available.


Help the widows and orphans.

Guatemala, a beautiful nation heavily influenced by its Mayan and Spanish roots, has a story that makes a compelling case for partnership and support. Over 14 million people live in Guatemala, making it the most populated country in Central America. The effects of a 36-year-long civil war that ended in 1996 are still being felt today, as many women are now widows and nearly half of Guatemalans are under the age of 18. Poverty, malnutrition, and lack of access to education and vital resources are prevalent issues.

Our partners

At Risk No More

In Guatemala City, we partner with At Risk No More, an organization that rescues and restores children at risk, many of whom are living on the streets. Through the love of relationships, therapy, and mentoring, children are ministered to in all four aspects of their lives—spiritual, social, educational, and economic.


PrayAmerica is in Chichicastenango, a rural area populated primarily by indigenous Mayans. They help the hurt, marginalized, and oppressed realize spiritual, physical, and emotional freedom. Through prayer, Bible education, food distribution, housing construction, a shoe factory, and more, individuals are taking steps toward sustainability and a relationship with Christ.


We Empower Himalayan kids to become carriers of hope.

The people of the Himalayas experience severe medical, social, educational, and environmental challenges. Children from these areas are counted fortunate if they live to see their early adolescence and over half will die before reaching their eighth birthday. Many parents will not name their children until the child reaches the age of five.

Our partners

The Footstool Project

The Footstool Project exists to carry the Good News of Jesus Christ to the remote, unreached people of Nepal’s Himalayas and to exalt Christ at the top of the world.  The goal of TFP is to see Christ’s name proclaimed the reaching 23 unreached Tibetan Buddhist people groups of the Himalayas with The Gospel.

A church planting movement, TFP is empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve and to discern how the incarnational ‘Jesus in the flesh’ Good News can be used to open the door for the proclaimed Good News to be shared. Loving their neighbors helps to remove the barriers that often prevent them from hearing God’s plan for them.



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Interested in mid- or long-term missions? We would love to support you and build into during this season of discernment and preparation. A great next step to take is to come to the Go Group. Here you’ll be encouraged and equipped as your passion is cultivated through missions-focused teaching and reading, group discussions and prayer, hearing from sending organizations, and learning from those who have gone before you.

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Interested in loving the world from right where you are? Check out our global serving teams for ways you can serve from here at home.

Congregational Engagement: Educates on God’s heart for the nations, organizes fundraisers to support global partners, and provides ways to be involved globally while living locally.
Sending: Identifies those who are called to go short, mid, or long term and prepares them well.
Member Care: Provides ongoing care and support to those in the field mid or long term.
Partner Liason: Helps build Engedi’s relationship with global partners.