Facilities Team Member 


Facilities Team Member

Position Description

(revised 5.31.2023)


About Engedi


Engedi Church is a young, diverse, passionate, and missional community of people who are committed to loving and serving God, our neighbors, and the world. We preach the Gospel, and we do our best to live it out. Since our inception in 2005, Engedi Church’s mission has been to advance the kingdom revolution of Jesus worldwide. We have identified five core values that mark the advance of Jesus’ kingdom in our midst (see engedichurch.com).


We believe God’s original dream for creation was to create a community of people who experience complete wholeness of mind, body, emotions, and soul in Him and deep, meaningful, and diverse relationships with each other. Jesus began His ministry by announcing He had come to bring good news to the poor, to release the oppressed, and to free the imprisoned. He called the experience of these realities living in the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is an ever-expanding reality of those who are experiencing the restoration of what was lost at the Fall—harmony with God, within ourselves and within our relationships—all through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. While full restoration won’t occur until His return, Jesus invites us to both experience and extend restoration in the now. This is why Engedi exists.


Purpose of the Position

To provide a distraction-free environment empowered by stewardship and a servant’s heart. We believe God has blessed us with a beautiful facility to be used intentionally to bring lost people to fullness in Jesus Christ. Therefore the care of our facility is done with excellence and a servant’s spirit.


Skills and Qualifications  

  • Deeply committed follower of Jesus
  • Affirms Engedi’s core beliefs, mission, values and life practices by word and example
  • Deeply passionate about diversity in the local church
  • Team player – humble, willing to defer to others, supportive of other Engedi ministries
  • Is a partner of Engedi or is willing to become one upon joining staff
  • Tithes
  • Is in a CABLE (small) Group or is willing to become a part of one upon joining staff
  • Takes responsibility for our facility and takes initiative in addressing facility issues
  • Is able to be physically active for an extended amount of time and is able to lift somewhat heavy objects from time to time 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities



  • Carpet care (vacuum, spot removal, carpet cleaning)
  • Hard surface care (tile, concrete floors, walls) 
  • Window cleaning
  • Trash removal
  • Bathroom cleaning (toilets, sinks, urinals, mirrors, floors, and stalls)
  • Bathroom touch-ups and resupply
  • Kitchen cleaning, Storage area cleaning and organization, Individual room cleaning as assigned
  • Other cleaning as assigned



  • Equipment cleaned and maintained on a regular basis (vacuums, floor care equipment)


Set up:

  • Occasionally setting up and tearing down tables, chairs, and other items for events hosted by Engedi
  • Assist with Christmas decor set-up and tear down


Other Responsibilities

  • Participate in monthly staff meetings (1st Monday of the month)
  • Participate in most staff prayer meetings (every Monday)
  • Participate in most Worship Nights 
  • Attend staff retreats (twice annually, one of which is overnight)

Other Details 

  • Full-time, 16 hours/week position including vacation and personal days, cell phone reimbursement, subsidized onsite daycare, and matching 403b contributions 
  • Some evening hours may be required on a very occasional basis
  • Reports to Facilities and Operations Director