Leadership Covenant



1 TIMOTHY 4.12

Thank you for your interest in serving as a leader at Engedi. Leadership is an incredible privilege and provides you the opportunity to make a unique impact on people’s lives. Leadership carries authority and with that authority comes a special level of responsibility. People are listening to your words and watching your actions throughout the week in order to better understand what it means to follow Jesus. Therefore, while no one is perfect, it is crucial that your lifestyle reflect a heart given over to following our Ultimate Leader, Jesus.

This leadership covenant is designed to help you understand Engedi’s expectation of leaders. It is also written to communicate our commitment to the leaders on our team. We ask that you consider its contents carefully before affirming them. If, for whatever reason, you have reservations about any of these standards, please indicate that you would like to have a conversation about your concerns. We don’t want you to be in a situation where you feel you have to teach or support a position you don’t personally practice.

As an Engedi Church leader:

  • I will support the biblical foundation of Engedi Church by affirming Engedi’s Core Beliefs.
  • I will cultivate my relationship with God by regularly reading the Bible and spending time in prayer.
  • I will protect the unity of Engedi Church by modeling healthy practices such as: 1) supporting church leadership; 2) handling conflict in a biblical way; 3) refusing to gossip or complain.
  • I will support Engedi Church by attending regularly and by generous financial giving to Engedi.
  • I will maintain a positive witness on social media through the tone, vocabulary and modesty of my posts.
  • I will honor God by not drinking alcohol to excess, using illegal drugs, or abusing prescription drugs.
  • I will honor God in my sexual conduct by maintaining sexual abstinence in singleness and faithfulness in the covenant of marriage. Additionally, I will support Engedi’s belief that Scripture teaches that sex was created by God as an expression of intimacy between a man and a woman within the context of marriage. (Sexually intimate behaviors include living with your boy/girlfriend and/or viewing pornography.)

By affirming this leadership covenant you are committing to model a lifestyle that does not detract from but rather enhances your Christian witness. You are also recognizing the important part you play in representing Engedi to our church, to our city and to our world. If, as a leader, you begin to struggle in any area, including those mentioned above, we are committed to walking with you in that journey.

If you are ready to affirm this leadership covenant, please fill out the information below and turn it into your ministry leadership team. If you are not ready to affirm this covenant, we would be glad to help you figure out where you can serve. If you have questions about anything covered in this covenant please reach out to your staff ministry leader to schedule a conversation.